February Earnings

7 Mar

Very briefly – a bit of a decrease for february. This was expected due to the huge surge in january for my main site offering gym membership. February saw this site earn £570 – down by £75, but the decrease wasn’t as much as it could have been due to LA Fitness having their tracking down all but the last 4 days of january, so the 30 quid i made from them in Jan was massively improved upon in February.

Other sites of mine (and no, sorry, i still am not happy giving details on this blog, as they’re still being improved and i don’t want competition just yet!!) made a combined total of £76.

This gives me a total for February of £646 – down £47 on the previous month. However with the increase from my smaller sites, i’m pleased i’m heading in the right direction.

“Starving Affiliate” mentioned that this is less than minimum wage, however i’m not writing about my other bits of freelance work on here – only the affiliate stuff. So although i claim to be doing affiliate work full time, at the moment it probably only equates to 15 to 20 hours a week spent on it. I still have some small pieces of website work for other folk that keeps me busy and some guaranteed income coming in. I don’t really WANT to be doing it, but as some affiliate programs take as long as 60 days to pay the commissions, i have to do some other work until i get january’s money coming in. The observation that it’s less than minimum wage, however, is a good one – to begin with when you first start sites up, it’s a lot of effort and time for no return at all – until you get it up on the search engines (unless you go for PPC) it’s totally unrewarded. The way i see it though, most of the work i’ve done over the past 2 months isn’t on my main site, so although i’ve been paid just a hundred quid or so for probably 100 hours work, i’ve also been paid around £1300 for about 10 or 12 hours work keeping my main site up to date. The aim is to eventually have 5 or 6 main sites like this, each paying me over £100 an hour for the work it takes just to keep them updated with the latest offers or prices. Nice work if it all comes together!

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